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About Me

Hi, I am Barre ONeill. The sessions that I now offer I have been developing for years. It all began when I was studying theatre in England. My voice teacher introduced me to the harmony of voice and body. This idea has sent me on a life long exploration of energy work techniques to help clients reach their vocal and health goals.

I have had many teachers, and with them…many lessons.
Usui Reiki 3rd level, divining, vibrational tones,  synesthesia sound, color therapies, advanced angelic studies with Barbara Menesses and Wil Alaura, Chinese herbology and nutrition with Drew DiVitorio, the Medical Intuitive Mentoring course with Lynn Waldrop, Elizabeth Wood courses in dimensions and consciousness..And  let us not forget releasing of triggering emotions, Crystal reiki, center channel work, quantum theory work, Block Therapy, contemplation and meditation, I Ching, vocal training and breathing, and shamanic studies.

I have created my own modalities through these open chakras, oxygenate the body and mind, release, deep dive and to use the empathic blessing I was given.

Everything has energy…even rocks!
Everything that has atoms has a frequency.

It’s time to tune in…to you, to others, to animals, to nature, to the Universe.

These modalities will help you to do just that.

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