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An Angel speaks out...

Arch Angel Zadkiel is the Arch Angel of injustice, compassion

and benevolence. He has other blessings too so check him out. He is

an important guide for us right now. Today he asked me to Channel this


" Injustice abounds on Earth. Words seem twofold:

either meaningless or canceled ,which is a crime against

humanity. Mankind kills land, animals, pollutes water, and now

he is killing himself.

Do You no longer see injustice?

Will you not speak out?

This imbalance on Earth, in the Universe and in Humans is caused

by the fear to speak out. It has created a one-sided energy, which now

disregards the freedom humans were put on Earth to experience. This fear

has closed the throat chakra on many leaving an imbalance in humans too.

Choking humans as it is choking Earth.

Fear can be released by self love and humans returning to their hearts. To be

in their head simply means the ego is in control and the ego has no feelings.

This war can help you move back to your is based on injustice towards mankind.

Go to your heart once again and be the "true you." The you who has love and

compassion. The you who is the fearless warrior of justice for all.

Yes, it is now up to you. We are here to help, but you must SPEAK UP. "

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