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Catch and Release

How many brains do we have?

Well, that might depend upon whom you ask.

But today’s blog is about our first three.

When you first get an idea, where do you feel it in your body?

Personally, I feel it in my stomach. I might even get butterflies.

Well, that’s the first brain.

You’ve been given an idea and you have taken that idea in.

So, the solar plexus-brain decides to share this idea with the energetic heart brain... “Oh I love this idea.”

While the idea is in the heart -brain, it takes the feeling test.

How do I feel about this idea?

What feelings will others have about this idea?

How do I feel is the best way to further this idea?

Many questions but all are heartfelt questions.

So, when heart decides to share this idea

with the 3rd brain, the one in our head...heart is surprised when head-brain runs with the idea and never shares it again.

I think of the seagulls in “Little Nemo” screeching “Mine!!!!”

The 3rd brain is where the Ego lives.

Ego can be trouble. Ego likes to take control.

Ego wants to compete. Ego wants to win. Ego can do it all by itself.

I like to say that heat rises and Ego is warm and cozy up there just doin the “I” thing; I can, I see, I know. I want.

And, oh my, there are so many more “I”s.

Now, this gets tricky because we have to REALIZE that the Ego is, perhaps, consuming us.

This idea, is it all about you?

Is this an idea that could please everyone? If so, the Ego of this idea might want to consider sharing.

If the Ego does not share with the first two brains...the idea may remain just with the Ego.

Here’s an example of this from my own life.

The universe gave me the idea to make spirit guide sculptures.

I am an artist, so I fooled around with several concepts until one night

my solar plexus was given an idea and right to my bones it went.

Then to my heart it went where I felt joy. I was so happy.

Well, of course, my heart shared with my head brain

which completely usurped sharing at all, just went on ahead.

I was delighted by what I'd created. I truly loved each of the spirit guides I made. I love animals so I was in heaven.

Once I completed about 20 of them, I signed up for the Rose Bowl in LA. It's only a one-day event, so sales have to sort of be instantaneous. Well, the good news is my tent was full all the time.

People were picking up my spirit guides and taking selfies with them...all day long.

But no one bought any. I made one sale that day to a friend over the phone. That’s an important fact in this story.

I was very sad. As an artist I felt excited by my beautiful guides.

I couldn't understand what had happened. Why?

I was staying with my daughter Ailee, and she said I needed to go to Helen for an Akashic record reading. My next fair was two days away so I figured this was a good plan of action.

Helen Vonderheide opened up my Akashic records,

(This was my first time) and my hour with her was filled with absolutely amazing Information. I was awestruck.

When she asked if I had any questions, I asked about my art.

Everyone that comes in contact with it loves it but they don’t buy it? What’s up with that? I asked.

Well, the Akashic Masters proceed to give me the most vital information about selling art or really, anything.

They tell me I received the concept and then birthed the idea, I created 20 animal guides that I love. My process created a profound attachment to each one.

Now in order to sell these works, I need to release them.

I need to tell them to choose who they want to go home with.

The Masters feel these works are healing works, which they are, and I’m to tell each work to find the right. new person to guide or heal.

This resonated so strongly in me. I started to understand artists who never sold their works while they were alive. I got it!

An aha moment if there ever was one. That night and before each fair, I had conversations with these sculptures.

I sold almost everything after that. And have decided the ones I did not sell are meant to be healing or guiding me.

Thank you Helen for being there when my sculptures and I needed you.

I tell this story because I feel that Ego took me over…that will never happen again!

If we can unite all three brains and work from there, then we are creating for all.

It’s really after heart energy has shared with head-brain that we need to be conscious of the 3-brain share. I will now take into consideration that the universe gave me the idea...for me to grow it and fill it with positive, loving energies from all three brains.

Gratitude is the place where I will dwell while doing my art. Perhaps gratitude equals the 3-brain unity!

So, my new term for this is Catch and Release. We catch it from the universe, hone it, and release it back to the universe, creating a circle filled with lots of fabulous energies from the solar plexus, heart and head brains which bring light into people’s lives as it raises the Earth’s vibration.

Working in the light and with gratitude…


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