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It's time to get out of our heads and back into our hearts

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

It's an important time for us all to get out of our heads. This pandemic bombarded us with newness. Newness that made us all lock into our heads: masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, clean the groceries, don't clean the groceries, wash our hands, close our biz, close our schools, open our schools, don't see family, don't see friends, Zoom, our parents in nursing homes, in lock down.

I'm sure in many cases the list goes on even further.

Who caused it? Can it be cured?

If you notice, these are all thoughts.

Our brain has been in lockdown, too.

Going around in circles with questions, lies even, and uncertainty.

Mother Earth feels this.

Our brain lockdown has caused us to forget about our hearts.

It's time to feel our whole bodies again..inside and out. It's time to ignite all our chakras, and to specifically open our hearts. For ourselves and for the universe. The age of Aquarius is about to move in and we can unleash the beauty of this time through the universal powers of compassion, gratitude and hope to help achieve unity.


As you breathe in, hold each breath at your heart. Count to 4 and slowly exhale. As you exhale breathe out compassion,.. breathe out love, positivity or hope into the universe. Repeat this 9 times choosing heartfelt words of your choice. See each breath fill the space around you. Imagine all these positive energies connecting worldwide, creating a marvelous power of many....into one. This simple work raises the vibration of everything..including you!

Take another 9 breaths and this time exhale a beautiful light.

How about a lovely violet or white light? Exhale these lights from your heart and imagine all of them, again, connecting the whole world; white and violet lights criss-crossing Earth. Only this time we are healing Earth and ourselves and raising the vibration even higher..Again the power of many as one. This is unity.

We all have the power within....but just one person cannot heal the world. However we

can fill our auras and our own spaces with positivity. That's all it really takes.

So move out of your head, focus on the heart and let's put this earth on the right track again.

Some of us will send positivity to save the animals, some to the trees, some to the ocean , the air, clean you see? That's our Mother Earth. We can all be individuals in our positive energies and still be ONE; each working independently to save our home.

Mother Earth needs our help. Let us remember we came from her "garden." Now let's honor and care for it.

Bless you all and look to your beautiful hearts.


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