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Image by Jason D

Authentic Vocal Intellect

Women have found their words..

Empower yourself and find your true voice to speak those words.

The voice that you are speaking with today may not be your original voice. Women have spent a lot of their lives being told to "shut up", "be quiet", "you don't know what you're talking about" And worse, bullying, abuses of all kinds. Each time women suffer, it affects the throat. It begins to close, the full voice begins to weaken and the voice becomes thinner and less confident.

I have been creating this modality for many years. Through technique, energy  and spiritual work, I have created a workshop with strong and emotional results. I have seen it build self-confidence, stamina, and physical awareness as clients are reunited with their authentic voice. It's exciting feminine power. which ultimately helps with presentations, public speaking events, teaching, as well as simply understanding the control you can have over your own body.. you'll own it!

When you leave this class or workshop you will have the info as to how to continue working on your voice at home. Of course, reboots are encouraged if necessary.

Unless it is a team-building event, I prefer my classes to be same-gender classes. 

sessions to help pets, wildlife, or farm animals..release, recover and  reclaim.

As we have been suffering through Covi, so have our animals

The energy on the planet is changing at a 
more rapid pace than ever before..we are all being affected by this.

Many animals are depressed, stressed,  no longer listening to their owners,  barking a lot, fearful, a little more aggressive or possessive and the list goes on.
While some of this seems new, really they are old emotions that have turned into a trigger for your animal.
More licking, separation and my team work on all of this with wonderful results.. We help your animal, which ultimately, helps you.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Emotional Intellect

Do you have an Emotional Intellect?
Are you controlling your emotions or are they controlling you?

From childhood, even birth, we have been holding onto emotions that we had no idea how to handle at that time. So our heart and our brain hid those emotions for us to deal with them when we could. Unfortunately these trapped emotions have stayed where they were placed and have become emotional triggers and body aches and pains, It’s also interesting because many of the emotions that come forth are inherited emotions. Many go more than 4 generations back and have been passed down because they were never released. For me it has been an honor to release inherited emotions because I am releasing them for everyone concerned..all the generations.

Neck or shoulder pains, lower back pain, recurring pains you have tried and tried to get rid of are often trapped emotions. Anxiety of all ages,,grief fears, nightmares, quick to anger, sadness that you feel overwhelmed by but don’t even know where it comes from and so many more challenges where releasing trapped emotions can be helpful.

It’s also lovely because the more you release the more
control you gain of your emotions..
Emotional Intellect.

And my clients seem to feel much lighter, freer and more open..

Releasing trapped emotions is a two session appointment. The price includes both sessions.

Many of us have built a wall around our hearts for protection. If it's time for you to release that wall and bring in the heart energy to its fullest, that is also two sessions. Pricing is the same.

Energetic Transformations:

     Have you ever brought home an antique or an item that was previously owned by someone other than you?

That item could be holding negative vibes from's the same with houses. 

Do you know about the history of the land you just bought? So many times that I clear land I find it to be sacred Native American  land. That makes it a very specific energy. We can work around it, but you need to be respectful and know how.

Offices need clearings. Desks need clearings. Of course on some occasions, the desk has a wonderful energy so I leave it be. No point in ruining a good thing! Houses would like to be more than cleaned..due to who walks through them and what mood they bring in. Those energies linger. If your home, apt. is just not as happy as it used to be....let's do some work on it.

   There are conversations that we can have with bodies to be directed to root causes of discomfort or dis- ease                                    As an energetic intuitive, I have those conversations which helps to transform you

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